A Norfolk Beach Wedding ( And My 7 Top Tips If You’re Planning Your Own Beach Wedding) 

Norfolk Beach Wedding

When you have two outdoorsy people approach you asking for a Norfolk Beach Wedding in September what do you say? 

Yes…OF COURSE… I can do that…but let’s have a plan B ….just in case! 

In the end no plan B was required, we had glorious weather for SJ & Neil’s Norfolk Wedding extravaganza on Winterton Beach

With near military precision, the ceremony space was created by the groom, best men, and some of the guests. 

It was a bit breezy, but with the combination of blue sky, blue sea, yellow sand, a speaker, microphone, and a willing assistant holding everything down so that it didn’t blow away, we had a wedding like no other.

G&T Anyone?

Neil necking a can of ready mix g&t during his wedding ceremony, whilst his bride SJ looks on bemused

SJ  walked in to her favourite Coldplay song to meet Neil under their wooden wedding arch where their love of a good G&T was well and truly exposed as they were presented with perfectly chilled surprise cans of the favourite ready mixed tipple. 

I didn’t set out to get them drunk, expecting them to sip demurely from the first can and save the next two…I hadn’t factored in Neil being nervous …and thirsty! 

The beauty of a celebrant led ceremony is that food and drink can be eaten and drunk in a ceremony, the only restrictions to are those imposed by either a venue or the couple themselves…but as we were at the beach, I knew we’d be ok. 

As the ceremony progressed and their story was told, the 2nd surprise was a stuffed goat…immediately commandeered by a young niece for permanent safe keeping. 

Neil had proposed to SJ atop of a Norwegian  mountain surrounded by mountain goats… and the hills were certainly aloud with the sounds of not so lonely goats…minus their goatherd that day! 

a group of people standing on a beach in glorious sunshine holding hands as a bride and groom raise their held hands during  a pass the heartbeat ritual

Story told, all of their guests stood up and joined hands as we passed the heartbeat around in a circle. It was brilliant watching the palpable love reaching a crescendo as the Mexican wave went around before reaching the happy couple of the final squeeze of hands and a round of applause.

Line Out 

As well as being very outdoorsy people SJ and Neil are partial to a good game of rugby, all of their boys play, so it was only right and proper to have a little bit of a rugby theme running through the ceremony. We were after all part way through the Rugby World cup (and England were still in!!) 

So, immediately after the heartbeat was passed SJ and Neil exchanged their vows a rugby ball with SJ’s ring taped to it was passed around their guests…BEFORE their boys did a proper pucker lineout to the World in Union by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. 

Wedding ring taped to a ball on a beach…what could possibly go wrong??? 

My heart was racing until her ring was well and truly safely placed on her finger!

And breathe…

We rounded off the ceremony with a quote from JRR Tolkien, after all SJ and Neil have just embarked on their greatest adventure yet.

The Greatest Adventure ~ A Hobbit’s Tale

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

SJ and Neil went for a walk and a wade in the sea where they were lucky enough to meet a couple of inquisitive seals as everyone else packed up and moved off to the reception.

And the best thing was, that the only thing we left behind were footprints… 

Back at their reception venue on the Norfolk Broads SJ and Neil arrived in style by canoe ensuring all of their passions were well and truly represented and their wedding day was really all about them. 

a bridal couple canoeing along the Norfolk Broads heading towards their wedding reception

7 Top Tips If You Are Planning Your Own Beach Wedding 

Do We Need Permission?

SJ and Neil had their ceremony on Winterton On Sea beach, a public beach IF you are planning a beach wedding you will need to check if you need permission as some beaches are privately owned, even when public have access.

Is It Legal?

Not in England and Wales unfortunately, but in Scotland you can dip your toes and tie your knot legally with certain celebrants.

Check Your Tide Times!

On a wide -open beach like Winterton, it’s not so much of a problem, but if you’ve found a cosy cove, elsewhere you’ll need to check that you don’t get cut off by the tide! 

Have A Plan B

British weather and all that, we can’t always guarantee the weather will be as perfect as it was for SJ and Neil 

Think About Facilities! 

Don’t be so far away from a loo that if you or a guest gets caught short, you’ll be doing the clenched cheek knock kneed shuffle to find a sand dune! 

Consider The Wildlife! 

Ground nesting birds / Seals and other animals make their homes on our beaches, respect them.  

Leave Only Footprints Behind

Leave the beach exactly as you found it on your arrival, Take away all of your rubbish and if you are planning on using confetti, please make sure it is animal friendly and bio degradable. 


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