Here’s some answers to some of the most common FAQ’s

Should we choose a Celebrant or Registrar ?

A Registrar can legally marry you, a Celebrant (in England and Wales right now) cannot.


A marriage is a legal state of being in the form of a signed contract.  

A wedding is a celebration of achieving that legal status.

(You register a birth and a death, this never happens on the day someone is born or dies, so taking that into account, a marriage registration does not have to happen on the same day you have a wedding).

So when comes to making the right decision for you think about this…

Is your chosen venue an approved venue for legal marriages?


Then book a celebrant! 

Remember the old advert? Anytime, anyplace, anywhere? Well with a celebrant it really does go! As long as you have the landowners permission you can have your ceremony at any location you choose and at any time of the day.

BUT make sure to visit the register office before hand to do the legal stuff, often known as a registration or 2+2 ceremony.

EVERY registration district in England and Wales has to offer this option by law.


You have the option of a legal ceremony with the registrar at your venue… often not flexible…ANDdefinitely not as bespoke as a celebrant. They will be time bound, weather bound and restrictive in content.


Choose a celebrant who will personally craft the perfect ceremony for you.

(Don’t forget to go and do the legals though!)

In some cases, if you choose to, you can have both at your venue, but it will cost you , as we work independently of each other.

Why should we choose you?

If like me, you are a little bit of a geek, have a passion for the magical, fantasy and out of the ordinary, you may want your ceremony to reflect your differences.

I am that perfect choice, If it’s not a fandom I am familiar with I will research, research research…

If it is one I share with you, we can get our heads together and dissect the perfect additions to your ceremony. From props to quotes. From outfits to surprises for you and your guests.

The right celebrant makes the ceremony Hopefully I am the right celebrant for you.

Do you have any other questions?
Please get in touch and I will be happy to answer you.

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