Leaping All Over The Place – Gear Up For That Magical Leap Year Proposal!


That’s come round quick…we’ve gained an extra day once again!

Let’s start with… 

Leaping All Over The Place With 5 Interesting Facts From The BBC

1. Leap years are all because of the sun

It takes 365 ¼ days for the earth to rotate around the sun. But the calendar year is 365 days. So, to synchronise the calendar year with the solar year, we add an extra day every four years. If we didn’t have leap years, our calendar would gradually fall out of line with the seasons.

2. It’s called a “leap” year because it’s all about leaping ahead

We use the phrase leap year because each date on the calendar jumps ahead two days of the week instead of one. If your birthday fell on a Sunday last year, this year it will leap over Monday and land on a Tuesday. So, no Monday birthday this time around. Lucky you!

3. If you have a fixed annual salary, a leap year means you’re working an extra day for free!

The bad news is, if we earn an annual salary, we likely don’t get paid any extra for a leap year. Therefore, technically, anyone who is at work that day is working for free!

4. Traditionally, 29th February is the day woman propose to men

It’s not quite clear where or when the tradition started, but one theory suggests that it was Queen Margaret of Scotland who, in 1288, aged just five, introduced a law allowing women to propose to men on the 29th of February. Said women had to wear a red petticoat to make their intentions known. And any man who refused a marriage proposal would be fined a kiss, a silk dress or twelve pairs of gloves! Thankfully, times have changed. You can get down on one knee any day you like.

5. The odds of being born on a leap day are one in 1,461

The 29th of February occurs every four years, or 1,461 days. Therefore, the chances of being born on that day, and earning the title of “leaper” or “leapling”, is just one in 1,461.

So, if it’s your birthday this February 29th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Anyway with all the techy stuff out of the way….

If You’re A Witch… Get Leaping All Over The Place…

and check out this blog to find out some special ways to  celebrate this bonus day.


 has some top tips in here and I’ll certainly be looking at getting my tarot cards out, in fact I will be celebrating the 29th with a Shaman and a  self-confessed Norse nerd around a campfire making some Ancestral connections…I for one, can’t wait!  

But let’s talk romance, cos that’s what I’m here for this year…All you hopeless romantics have a whole extra 24 hrs to make YOUR proposal something super special. 

Just because it is a leap year, doesn’t mean you HAVE to propose on the 29th, but hey why not?  It is a memorable date after all. 

So how are you going to pull it out of the bag? 

Leaping All Over The Place Into 3 Top Tips For You!

a flower hare holding a ring box with a cartoon sun and cartoon flowerws


It is a once in a lifetime ( okay once in a four year) opportunity to pull something mahoosive out of that little bag of romantic gestures… Yes we have just scraped past Valentine’s and maybe your S.O. is a bit miffed you ‘forgot’ to buy the flowers then…so make up for it with a show of affection you’ve never managed to pull off before! 

It can be done on a budget, don’t panic! 

Funds might be a little tight, but romance doesn’t have to cost anything.  

A walk to your favourite spot, an off -script midweek date night , or maybe an impromptu treasure hunt weaving your significant milestones into your proposal.  


Yes, we can all have a laugh and a joke because it’s said traditionally Leap Year would find commitment phobic men running for cover on the 29th of Feb. 

But what we NOW know is a Leap Year proposal can happen on any day in the year…so sorry to say…commitment-phobes, you’re no longer ‘safe! 

PLUS it’s not just the women who might want to make use of those extra 1440 minutes this year has to offer us. 

Safe to say the traditional road map has been ripped up and anything goes! 

Some of you may think, “Well what’s the point of proposing on a Leap Year then if it’s nothing special?” 

It is still as special as YOU want it to be, so I’d say for it… and sometimes traditions are fun, that’s why they have become traditions…what would we do without pancake day eh?  (Are you a lemon and sugar aficionado or after something with a more modern twist?)

Whatever ‘tradition’ means to you, make it work for you.


Come on, let’s face it, we live in a super digital age where EVERYTHING is documented, so have some fun and capture the fun…be it a pro ( or a mate ) covertly capturing ‘the moment’ and making it Insta worthy. The accompanying story is also something your celebrant will want to know ALL about, because we love a good proposal story, even better if it is caught on film and we can properly share your other half’s reactions as you pop the question. 


Leaping All Over The Place- Take That Leap of Faith

And makes some plans, make this Leap Year extra special, just like you and your love…

AND THEN… once they’ve said ‘YES!’ drop me a line or give me a call to arrange your wedding day. Let’s celebrate something special and remember…

Love is always a leap into the unknown. You can try to control as many variables and understand a situation as you can, but you’re still jumping off a cliff and hoping that someone catches you.” -Lisa Kleypas

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I can’t wait to work with you and create something funky and magical.

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