THE PERFECT WEDDING GUEST I probably spend way too much time in wedding chat groups on Facebook, because there are a lot of people bringing up issues in relation to their family and friends that have been invited to their special day. A wedding day isn’t cheap, even when undertaken on a budget, so help …

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Celebrant OR Registrar?

Celebrant OR Registrar

Celebrant OR Registrar? Should we even be having this conversation or debate in 2024?  Perhaps not, but this is an issue that keeps raising its head for so many couples. Every week on wedding forums I see the questions being asked. What is the difference? Which is better?  What should we do? Can a celebrant …

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Crafting A Meaningful Farewell: 6 Things To Consider 

Crafting A Meaningful Farewell: 6 Things To Consider - red rose

Crafting A Meaningful Farewell: 6 Things To Consider  Here in the UK, the funeral landscape is in the middle of a seismic shift. As more and more of us opt for ceremonies that are moving away from the  traditional solemnity and towards a more personalised and uplifting style, planning a modern goodbye will inevitably involve more careful …

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Your Fail Proof Guide Green Wedding Planning

your fail proof guide to Planning your green dream wedding

Planning Your Green Dream Wedding Saying ‘I Do’ to a Greener Tomorrow: How to plan your green dream wedding. Eco-friendly weddings, characterised by sustainable practices and green alternatives, are gaining popularity for good reason. Move over Millennials, the Gen Z’s have entered the wedding fray and as a generation they are the ones who will …

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My 9 Top Tips For Planning Your Special Day! 

My 9 top tips for planning your special day

Congratulations you’re engaged and have started thinking about planning your wedding. Let’s explore my 9 top tips for planning your special day together shall we?   Breathe! Relax!  And just enjoy the thrill of being engaged for a while. Bask in your loved up glow with no stress. There’s rarely a rush to marry ( and …

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A London Elopement 

A London elopement . A black and white London skyline picture

The Brief…  For a London elopement…kind of… (setting the scene) The Email Enquiry…   Hi there!! We are planning to elope in London in November and are searching for a celebrant. We found you and would love to chat! The Zoom Conversation… Them… “Sooooo, we’re thinking of a 10-minute ceremony somewhere around the London Eye, before we …

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A Full Moon Wedding

Welcome to the wedding of....

The Woodsman & The Witch A full moon wedding will always equate to full hearts as the joy of union is shared.  And is there a better way to celebrate love than gathering under the Hunter’s Moon? It is after all an auspicious moon in so many ways because it is said to bring good luck and is rather fittingly also …

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26 Fun Ceremony Ideas

Michelle a brown woamn wearing a floral dress walking towards camera with a mike in her hand

Let’s start the party early with 26 fun ceremony ideas. You’re here because you want to create a vibe that is a little different for your ceremony and whole day. So, let’s start that conversation…because after all, you are out of the box thinkers and want to express your love and your union in your …

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