7 Ways Building A Marriage Is Like Building With Lego

7 Ways Building A Marriage Is Like Building with Lego

I do love an analogy in a ceremony, who doesn’t? So, in this tongue in cheek blog I will compare the 7 ways building a marriage is like building with Lego. Lego building is one of my favourite pastimes and when I can I will incorporate a little bit of brick building into a ceremony, just for the fun of it.

Did you know that Lego Lovers are often known as an AFOL’s (adult fans of Lego) and the term has been around for about 30 years! Stick with me and I’ll fill you with useful (useless ?) snippets of information. Anyway, back onto the comparisons Lego V Marriage.

Like Lego bricks, people come in all shapes and sizes, colours and ‘textures’ . So this isn’t a one size fits all analogy, but it is one I have adapted and expanded on from an analogy I have used in a wedding before.

7 ways building a marriage is like building with lego. block multi coloured lego people marching in a line because everyone is awesome


It’s versatile, colourful, oddly shaped and painful if mistreated.   


Also versatile, colourful, full of odd quirks and can also be painful if mistreated!   


You can make the most amazing structures if you patiently piece the bricks together, there’s no need to force them into a union…the right shapes will just slot into place and does tend to be adaptable too.                                                                 


We all know it takes time to build a successful relationship, don’t expect the structure to stand tall if the ‘brick’ base isn’t level or adequately constructed. Remember it can always be tweaked to make it stronger and then the resulting structure will be admired by all for years to come.

Lego V Women

(aka one specific woman…your new wife!) Sometimes its ok to not follow the instructions and go free hand, just you know, to see where your imagination can take you… 

HOWEVER, if your new model is a little bit complicated, you may well need to follow instructions…carefully….

Lego V Men

(aka one specific man…your new husband!)  Some Lego builds just like men, can be quite stubborn to work with which can often lead to disagreements.

It’s ok to step back and give it and him some time and space, stay calm and come at the build and your argument from a different angle, choose your build or your battle wisely.  

Give it time…

Both your Lego build and marriage take time to create. You don’t build a strong lasting marriage overnight, just as you don’t finish a complex build in a few minutes. Both are gradual processes that require effort and dedication.


Completing your Lego build is very satisfying, and so can a long-lasting, healthy marriage. Both provide a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment when done well.


your Lego with pride, it is after all, a work of art! Equally don’t be afraid to show your affection to your other half, it doesn’t need to be PDA (public display of affection), but let them know how important they are to you, in whatever way is appropriate to you and your relationship. There are plenty of us AFOL’s (adult fans of Lego) out there…be proud to show off everything about yourselves ( Just please don’t be ‘The Kragle!!‘).

(all photos from the Lego store website and are of models I own)

You don’t need to be in love with just Lego to build some great content into your wedding ceremony, or even your wedding day. Any fandom, geekdom, passion or love goes! Set me the challenge and get in touch now, let’s have a chat about what other funky elements we would incorporate into your ceremony.

So there you go….7 ways building a marriage is like building with Lego…what tips can you think of to pass on to others stepping out onto the path of marriage building?

Hedwig the owl in lego with hogwarts letter, potions bottles, glasses and chocolate frog card picture

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