26 Fun Ceremony Ideas

A bride and groom on a beach for their wedding, the groom is drinking from a can as the bride looks on

Let’s start the party early with 26 fun ceremony ideas. You’re here because you want to create a vibe that is a little different for your ceremony and whole day. So, let’s start that conversation…because after all, you are out of the box thinkers and want to express your love and your union in your own unique way!

My A-Z  list of some fun ceremony ideas

I have put together my A-Z  list of some fun ceremony ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Adventure Elopement

Consider getting married in a remote picturesque location like the Highlands or Islands of Scotland, or even further afield! Maybe a woodland or beach ceremony is more you. Of course you can always opt for a treasure hunt around the sites on a ‘must visit’ city break.

Baking Theme Wedding

Move over GBBO! Make some sweet (or savoury) memories with a baking themed celebration. Make your own cakes and invite your guests to bring sweet treats for the dessert table.

Carnival Themed Wedding 

A fun idea for couples looking to add a unique twist to their celebration. You can have colourful decorations, games and even bring in some carnival performers to entertain your guests.

Destination Wedding

A metal table bedecked with flowers in front of a balcony over looking Lake Como in Italy

Don’t forget the UK is a destination location for many. Choose from an array of beautiful locations and enjoy a fabulous wedding weekend getaway.

Eco- Friendly Wedding

Plan an environmentally conscious wedding with sustainable decorations, locally sourced food, and minimal waste. Check out your celebrant’s eco credentials on their website. I’m a member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance https://sustainableweddingalliance.com and I’m working towards my accreditation.

Ceremony Ideas for a Festival wedding

Festival Wedding

Host a wedding with a festival vibe, complete with a shed load of live music, food trucks and an ultra-chilled and laid-back vibe.

Garden Wedding

Opt for a wedding in your garden, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, as long as you love that space.


A colourful couple being handfasted by a third person. All wearing steam punk outfits

Or Hand-tying …The correct term will depend onif you are having a Pagan wedding full of ritual or its more just a nod to your union.

As a solitary witch practioner myself, I can assure you of a beautifully crafted and heartfelt ceremony if you follow the Pagan path.

Intimate Ceremony

Keep it small and intimate with a micro wedding…just you, close family, and friends. Perfect for those who don’t like crowds or the spotlight.

Jazzed Up Processional

Dance up the aisle ( and back down it again) Choose something totally unique for your walk(s) up and down the aisle.

Knights and Fairy tale

Include elements of medieval fantasy, dress up as knights, royalty, or mythical creatures. Role play at its finest.

Light Up The Sky


End the evening with some sparklers…they make for some fabulous night-time photos.

Midnight Ceremony

Have a late-night ceremony, under the stars, or by candlelight for a magical atmosphere. With a celebrant…YOU CAN!!

Narrative of Love

I can craft  a beautiful narrative as we weave your love story together. Your loves, your passions, even your pet niggles…basically your journey as a couple.

Outdoor Picnic (or indoors if the Great British weather lets you down)

Instead of a formal meal, have a picnic style reception with blankets and cushions with a delicious ‘picky bits’ spread.

Especially fabulous for an elopement or micro style wedding. 

Pirate Themed Wedding

Did you know there is an international Talk Like A Pirate Day? ( 19th September) The perfect day to exchange your vows dressed as swashbuckling pirates…Bagsy being the captain…we could even include a treasure hunt for your guests to enjoy after the ceremony.

Quirky Decorations


Use fun decorations that compliment and reflect your personalities, bright and colourful or dark and moody perhaps?

Retro Revival

Dress in vintage attire AND rock around clock.

Steam Punk

Combine elements of science, Victoriana and industrial design with some fabulously elaborate outfits and décor to create a memorable and unconventional celebration.

Time Travelling Wedding


Calling all my Dr Who fans…let’s incorporate a space and time travel theme into your special day…Now where’s my sonic screwdriver?

Umbrella Themed Wedding 

This quirky idea is brilliant for an outdoor ceremony on our fair isles!

You could use colourful umbrellas as a beautiful canopy for your ceremony backdrop. Gift a brolly to your guests as wedding favours. Practical but stylish

Vintage Victorian Wedding

Or any other era…Fancy a Regency Bridgerton themed day, or a groovy 60’s or 70’s day. Ceremonies with a twist make for fun and fabulous photos.

Wizarding Weddings

Say no more! I’m your gal, a loyal Hufflepuff, I’ll ensure your whole day is magical! I have the wands, the cloak, and the props!

Xmas Themed Wedding

bride in white hanging baubles from a christmas tree


We don’t have to wait til December. Christmas carols can be sung anytime of the year…And Love Actually…well I can find a quote from that to last all year too!

Yellow Themed Ceremony

(other colours do exist and they all have different meanings too)

In this unique idea everything from decorations, attire and even the food and drinks would revolve around the colour yellow. Yellow is associated with happiness and positivity, making it a wonderful  choice for a joyful celebration.

Zany Zombies

Embrace your inner zombie with a Halloween style wedding with some fun zombie twists. Dress up as zombies or survivors and enjoy some spine-chilling vows and readings!

Remember the key to a fabulous celebrant led wedding is to find the right celebrant for you.

They’ll make your day authentic and all about you.

We might not be able to do legal ceremonies …yet…but we can for sure make your day go with a bang.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and make it a day you and your guests will cherish forever.

Get in touch now, let’s have a chat about your fun themed ceremony .

For more information and ideas about how we can work together get in touch now

I can’t wait to work with you and create something funky and magical.

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