A Full Moon Wedding

The Woodsman & The Witch

A full moon wedding will always equate to full hearts as the joy of union is shared. 

And is there a better way to celebrate love than gathering under the Hunter’s Moon? It is after all an auspicious moon in so many ways because it is said to bring good luck and is rather fittingly also referred to as the moon of love. 

Nichola and Andy celebrated  their love in a very unique way at Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire at the end of October. With surprises galore revealed during the day, their guests were treated to something pretty special. 

The room and altar were beautifully decorated by Foxglove and Black with blacks, deep reds, and autumnal colours and the aesthetics set the tone for the rest of the day.

in focus table with handfasting cords and goddess with candles and out of focus aisle runner and chairs

Nichola entered to the ethereal Sanvean by Dead Can’t Dance accompanied by her brother and the emotion in the room was palpable as the ceremony was opened…

Merry meet men, women, and spirit, we bid you hail and welcome today to this special place where we gather with love and joy in our hearts to honour a very special couple who wish to dedicate their lives to each other…

Readings from JRR Tolkien, Wendy Cope, Kiersten White were interspersed through the ceremony and their story was recounted before the circle was cast and the space prepared.

Nichola’s mum presented personally sourced, blessed  and decorated oathing stone, and personalised wands to each of the guardians of the watchtowers, (or gates) as they gathered ahead of the handfasting part of the ceremony. 

The Handfasting Element

The elements of earth, air, water and fire were called in to protect cleanse and light  the space to be use for their handfasting.

The God and Goddess were welcomed in the form of Herne and Diana and the colours chosen explained. 

Blue symbolic of calm and confidence, for peace and belief.

Gold symbolic of wealth, happiness and  joy. 

Purple symbolic of respect and loyalty.

Green symbolic of fruitfulness and abundance.

Black symbolic of water, and flow.

Grey symbolic of clouds, so a union can weather every storm of life.

Silver symbolic of wisdom, to enable wise choices.

And then with the oathing stone firmly clasped between hands they chose each other again and again, no matter what the season, no matter the year…

The handfasting cord was slipped off and replaced by rings as they shared their kisses and had their union blessed by a kiss blown from everyone else.

As is common with anyone who follows the path will know, a ritual always ends with food and drink and so, the guests enjoyed joining in with a toast of mead and a nibble on a biscuit as the ceremony was brought to its conclusion… 

On This Special Day,

our wish to you, the goodness of the old, the best of the new. Bright blessings be upon you both who drink this mead, may it always fill your every need.

The circle was reopened by our happy bride and as the couple prepared to leave the ceremony space they jumped their broom that had been lovingly decorated prior to the ceremony. The new Mr & Mrs walked out showered in confetti with cheers ringing in their ears. 

The Full Moon Wedding…Howlers…

But the surprises weren’t over for us all just yet as some of the gorgeous wolves from Watermill Wolves greeted us outside and treated us to a really up close and personal experience during cocktail hour. 

Michelle holding the leads of 3 wolves at a full moon wedding

A sumptuous 3 course dinner was enjoyed before the next surprise as a group of local young Irish dancers entertained us (Flying Feet Irish Dancers) before they got to cut their epic cake.

All held together under the expert ministrations of Mrs T Weddings and her amazing team and the Toast mastery of Robin Powell 

Such an amazing day, with fantastic alternative suppliers, just goes to show with some imagination and the right crew around you dreams can come true. 

So much time and effort went into creating Nichola and Andy’s special day, it was sprinkled with magic and mystery. If you want to help creating your magical day get in touch soon, nearly any ritual is possible.

an epic wedding cake with cats

Always remember …There are Darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights…to each other …the light of all lights ~ Bram Stoker  ~ Dracula.

Nichola and Andy’s dream team: 

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I can’t wait to work with you and create something funky and magical.

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