Other Awesome Celebrant Services


An intimate handfasting as a stand alone ceremony for those who follow a pagan path. Perfect for those who want an elopement or micro style wedding.

If you want something bigger, check out my wedding ceremony page

Other awesome celebrant services A colourful couple being handfasted by a third person. All wearing steam punk outfits

Micro and Elopement Celebrations


You, me and a select few others, for a small intimate and personal ceremony, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Terms and conditions apply, but as always you have choices in the content we’ll include in your ceremony.

*Max of 10 guests


You, me and a photographer. Especially fabulous for a stand-alone handfasting or other alternative and deeply personal celebration. We could visit your favourite secret hideaway or get lost somewhere wandering around a big city on a little bit of a scavenger hunt.

Prices from £600

T’s & C’s apply, my service prices are tiered

Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies for Children, Teens and Adults

Naming Ceremonies for anyone is my mantra! They are not the preserve of parents of the very young!

There are a multitude of reasons to want to rename yourself and even change your identify so you can authentically reflect the person you are!  Now you can, let’s celebrate YOU!

How does it work?

We will have as many meetings as you require, either on Zoom or face to face at a mutually convenient location.

I provide you with a questionnaire and will combine your answers with the information I gleaned from our initial meetings as I design your ceremony. I will email you your draft and you will have the opportunity to add any edits. We will work together as I  sensitively  design the perfect ceremony for you.

On the day…

Prices from £500

Milestone Ceremonies

All the Stages of Life Celebrations

Maiden, Mother Crone.
Stag, Father, Sage.
Youth, Guardian,  Elder.

For those of us who lean towards neo paganism, spirituality or just alternative thinking and lifestyles, regardless of our gender identification we will all go through various developmental stages in life, and we can celebrate these transitions with our loved one surrounding us.

Divorce healing

It might seem a bit weird…writing about divorce on a website that is pretty much dedicated to celebrating the positive milestones in life!

For some, a divorce is a liberating experience and is in fact one to be celebrated. For others, it is a time for reflection and healing as a new path is walked.

Whichever it is for you we can create a sensitive final goodbye to an old relationship.


If you’re anything like me, you’re potty about your pets! From a doggy or moggy adoption to the final goodbye. Commemorate your favourite pet with an inclusive, fun and warm ceremony.


Why not celebrate the work milestones too?

From the new job, the new contract, the work anniversary, or just recognising how awesome your team are.
We can create the perfect ceremony for you and your work colleagues! And when it comes to the retirement party, why not add an extra element to the festivities with a personally crafted ceremony for the perfect send off.

New Home

There is no better way to start life in your new home, than with a housewarming with a difference!

Anything Else?

If you can think it, we can create it…Let’s celebrate being alive, having survived, grown and transitioned

from one phase to another.

I can’t wait to create the perfect ceremony with and for you…

Every Ceremony